Something looks Familiar?

You may be looking at our NextGen2 Burgers thinking something looks a little familiar... That's because we've created a new pack design for our product! Taking our consumer feedback into consideration, we thought it was about time to make some updates whilst keeping some key features of our current pack.

With recyclability and ingredient origins a key concern for consumers, we've changed our pack to now use a recyclable tray and sleeve. We've also now highlighted key claims such as Palm Oil Free on the front of our pack to ensure key information is easily and clearly available to our consumers. 

About NextGen2

Who We Are?

The NextGen2 Burger was specially developed to offer people an alternative option to meat. With the vegan and vegetarian space constantly growing, so are our products. This is why we decided to offer consumers a burger that is 100% vegan, tastes great and has carefully crafted nutrition.

Soy free, gluten free, non GMO and certified by Vegan Australia, the NextGen2 Burger gives you an alternative protein source without the compromise.

NextGen2 Burgers are the perfect alternative meat product for those who don't eat meat or are actively reducing their meat intake. Not only do these plant-based, vegan certified burgers taste great, they are also incredible value with each pack containing four burgers!

What else is there to love about the NextGen2 Burgers? They are 100% Australian made. In fact, they're produced in our production plant in Geelong, Melbourne. You can't get much more local than that!

Full of flavour and palm oil free, our NextGen2 Burgers are also allergen free. No gluten. No soy. And even better, we've improved the nutritional value enabling our burgers to now provide you with a good source of dietary fibre and a good source of protein. With no artificial colours or flavours, our NextGen2 Burgers are also non GMO meaning absolutely no ingredients have been genetically modified (you can read more about non GMO on our FAQs page)!

There is a lot to love about the NextGen2 Burgers.

No meat. No Compromise.

Why NextGen2?

Where to Buy?

Our NextGen2 Plant Based Burgers are available in over 650 selected Woolworths stores throughout the country and can be found in the chilled Plant Based Protein section!

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